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MF960 can be equipped up to 96 laser sources. Thanks to its modular architecture, this machine can satisfy even the most stringent and complex requirements.
Currently MF960 is the most complete simultaneous laser welding machine currently on the market since it allows the welding of all-size components (small, medium and big ones).


Thanks to a careful feasibility study, we are able to precisely estimate the number of sources necessary to complete the welding process of each product.
Working in this way, we can always guarantee the best quality-price ratio, allowing our customers to purchase only the components they really need.
Laser output Up to 96×50 W (4.800 W) Up to 96×50 W (4.800 W)
Chilling system Liquid cooling Liquid cooling
Safety system ISO 60825-1 CERTIFIED ISO 60825-1 CERTIFIED
Fiber coupling Up to 96 bundle
10×5 W
15×3,3 W
Up to 96 bundle
10×5 W
15×3,3 W
Upper Tool 1400x900 1900x900
lower tool 1400×900 1900×900
Lifting table max speed [mm/s] 500 500
Press opening min / max [mm] 250 / 1400 250 / 1350
Max welding force (Gross) [KN] 25 (30) 25 (30)
Driving system
PLC Control PLC Siemens S7 series PLC Siemens S7 series
Welding steps [pressure] 4 4
Aut. tools identification system up to 15 (+8 manuals) up to 15 (+8 manuals)
Communication Profinet-Profibus
Power supply 3×400 V a.c. 3×400 V a.c.

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