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MF240 is most compact simultaneous laser welding machine of its range and it can be equipped up to 24 laser sources.


Despite its dimensions, this machine assures enough power to allow the welding of small parts in double cavity or medium components in single cavity (such as small rear lamps, internal hi-tech electronic components, bezel for headlamp and cluster).
MF240 is the best solution for the Companies that approach laser technology for the first time: moderate investment and excellent versatility.
Laser output Up to 24×50 W (1.200 W)
Chilling system Liquid cooling
Safety system Optical safety double shutter
Fiber coupling Up to 25 bundle
10×5 W
15×3,3 W
Upper Tool 720×600
lower tool 700×500
Lifting table max speed [mm/s] 500
Press opening min / max [mm] 300 / 1230
Max welding force (Gross) [KN] 8
Driving system
PLC Control PLC Siemens S7 series
Welding steps [pressure] 4
Aut. tools identification system up to 15 (+8 manuals)
Communication Serial communication bus
Power supply 3×400 V a.c.

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