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CEMAS elettra - Your partner in plastic joining


When you can't weld, you must glue!

In some specific conditions, plastic gluing is the only technology capable to ensure certain joining standard requirements. CEMAS gluing machines are full electric and ensure the highest joining results in terms of speed, quality and cost-effectiveness.
The exceptional versatility of this technology ensures several advantages.
  • Flexibility

    The glue distribution, performed by an anthropomorphic robot, ensures a high flexibility of the process; it becomes very easy to change the component to be joined. For example, with few modifications to the robot program, it is possible to join multiple versions of the same product.
  • No shapes and materials limits

    Gluing is the only technology that allows to join together different types of plastic materials, even those whose chemical composition normally does not allow the welding process.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    All the movements are driven by electric servo controlled motors, and this allows the machine to considerably reduce the power consumption (constantly monitored by the operator panel).
  • Aesthetic in first place

    This machine allows to join components with a reduced thickness, that could not be welded by any other technology with acceptable aesthetic results.
  • Full electric

    The electric six-axes movements of the anthropomorphic robot speed up and stabilize the joining process and assure repetitiveness, accuracy and fluidity.
  • Highly customizable
  • No compromise for quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic loading station
  • Reliability
  • Energy saving technology
  • Innovative and user friendly UI
Cutting edge technology and fully equipped machines as standard. Discover more
  • Highly customizable

    Many standard features included in our machines are optionals for competitors and, should this not be enough, just turn the page to discover a full range of over 60 optionals for your tailor-made machines.
  • No compromise for quality

    All components used by CEMAS are from world leading suppliers and never sub-brands.
    Safety is our ultimate goal, as well as a prompt availability of spares worldwide.
  • Easy maintenance

    The use of the latest-generation electronic components has resulted in a remarkably smaller control panel, and in positioning the hydraulic unit below the control panel for the 240 Hz machines. This change has totally cleared an inner compartment and has made tooling maintenance and set up operations easier.
  • Ergonomic loading station

    Special care was devoted to the manual loading steps of the process, both for small and large machines: to minimize effort on the backbone, the loading/unloading area was kept as close as possible to operator. There are no machines of the same class available on the market where this distance is so small.
  • Reliability

    Light curtains are fitted as a standard to ensure maximum operator safety, further to decreasing the total cycle time of each welding. Light curtains are integrated to protect them against collisions and as a result of an extremely accurate and well defined design.
  • Energy saving technology

    Big welding area and low power required: this is energetic efficiency!
  • Innovative operator interface system

    Accurate does not mean complicated: no other machine on the market is so "user friendly".
    We have made a big effort in designing our video graphic to simplify any operation. Actually, there would be no need for operator's training.
    • Switching to your language is as simple as pressing a key.
    • Parameters can be set to include up to 8 different welding steps.
    • Tool movement graphic programming: no need to call us for a new tool!
    • Monitoring of the "just in time" process by displaying welding diagrams.
    • Constantly linked to CEMAS through the Teleservice system for diagnostics and customer's service on line.
  • Applications

    No limits in customization

    The ultrasonic welding machines must always be designed and "shaped" based on the material and the geometric characteristics of the components that have to be welded.
    However, there are some machines which, except for certain minor changes, may be considered as a standard.
    Mercedes, Volkswagen and FCA, three of the most important world automotive brands, have relied on CEMAS ultrasonic welding machines to join some of their products.

A fully customizable machine

CEMAS standard gluing machine is integrated only using top material and components, never from sub brands. In addition, it is fully customizable, adaptable for every production requirements.
Number of installable anthropomorphic robot
(ABB, COMAU, KUKA and others)
Number of installable gluing distributor hot melt and hot melt reactive
(Nordson, RAMPF and others)
Lifting table dimension [mm] 2200x800
Power supply [50hxThree-phases+N+GND] a.c. 400V
Pneumatic power (min.) [bar] 5
Total weight [kg] 2800
Maximum power required [KW]
(depending from the number of Robot, 1 or 2)


Number of axes 2÷4
Axes stroke 1000÷1500
Axes speed [mm/s] 500
Clamp maximum force [kg/F] 150 (+/- 25%)
Number of weldable components 2÷4
Glue distribution speed [mm/s] 50÷70
Work settings memory up to 15
automatic equipment
PLC Control Simens S7-CPU
Operating panel Siemens TP900 9"
Work outcome definition Automatic
Remote assistance Optional
Rotating tablet Optional