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CEMAS elettra - Your partner in plastic joining


This is the largest machine of its range. Despite its size, given its electrical nature, this machine keeps the same standards of precision and power of the previous ones, but within an increased body, designed to perform the welding of large to oversized components, like instrument panels, air ducts, dashboards or outdoor furniture. In this machine, it is possible to integrate other welding devices, such as ultrasonic, cutting, etc.
lower plate [MM] 2000 x 800
upper plate [MM] 2000 x 800
presses opening min/max [MM] 280/1495
mirror [MM] 2000 x 800
presses speed [MM/S] 500
mirror speed [MM/S] 1000
mirror stroke [MM] 1000
clamp maximum force [KG/F] 2000
heating Zones 16
movement type

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