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POR FESR 14/20


Portable and wireless measuring instrument for the quantitative detection of aflatoxin M1 in milk

POR FESR 14/20 - Action I.1b.2.2 Technological platform of the PiTeF supply chain


The project involves the development of a versatile measuring system (suitable for LFS (Lateral Flow Strip) of different origins) capable of performing quantitative, low-cost, and automatic (without the presence of expert operators), aflatoxin ( AT) M1 at the origin, or at the same time as the milk is collected, so as to allow measurements on all batches and no longer on a sample basis as today.


Fully automatic (therefore capable of performing independently of the operator and the environment) and flexible, ie capable of using different LFS from different commercial suppliers, it will be the missing element capable of returning measurements in the field and in real time.


Cemas will design and build the hardware and software architecture of the measurement system. He will take care of the integration of the microfluidic cartridge and the optical sensor, of the engineering of the mechanical components, of the design for easy use of the final device.