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POR FESR 14/20


Conductive dashboard (PLAncia CONduttiva) for cars with flexible printed circuits for signal and power transmission

POR FESR 14/20 - Action I.1b.2.2 Technological platform of the PiTeF supply chain


The PLACON project concerns the implementation of the entire production process for the manufacture of a conductive dashboard for the passenger compartment of a vehicle.


This element will consist of the classic vehicle dashboard in which a flexible printed circuit (FPCB - Flexible Printed Circuit Board) is inserted to replace the electrical wiring under the dashboard.This FPCB will have connectors integrated on the board so that the dashboard can be quickly installed on the car and that all electronic devices mounted on the dashboard can be installed in plug & play mode.


The aim of the project is the creation of an entirely Piedmontese industrial chain in the Automotive sector, aimed at the engineering of an integrated production process capable of revolutionizing the interior of the car, eliminating the wired cables and replacing them with FPCB integrated in the panels, in the dashboard and in the pavilion so that all the aesthetic parts can also become functional, with a significant reduction in weight, obtaining advantages in terms of cost and process automation. The first development case will be applied to the dashboard.


During the project Cemas will design and develop the assembly machines for the components of the conductive board: the various layers of the FPCB, the connectors on the FPCB and the FPCB on the dashboard. The assembly will take place through simultaneous laser welding. This assignment is perfectly configured in the strings of the know-how of Cemas, which already has considerable experience in the construction of full custom assembly machines.