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Innovation and Collaboration: CEMAS's Journey with Politecnico di Torino

A Story of Research, Development, and Success in Laser Technology

The Beginning of the Collaboration

The partnership between CEMAS and Politecnico di Torino began when CEMAS sought expertise in laser technology for polymer welding, aiming to expand its machine offerings. The Politecnico provided the necessary response and expertise, marking the start of a fruitful collaboration.

Challenges and Solutions

Initially, CEMAS faced challenges due to a lack of specific knowledge and the need for appropriate technology. However, the partnership overcame these obstacles through joint efforts, leading to the development of innovative laser welding machines.

Achievements and Innovations

The collaboration led to significant innovations, including the development of the first laser welding machine and advancements in multifiber simultaneous welding technology. These innovations catered to diverse needs and marked a leap forward in laser technology applications.

Impact on Training and Growth

This partnership has been instrumental in training young researchers through doctoral research, significantly contributing to employment growth within CEMAS and enhancing expertise in the field.

Looking Towards the Future

Moving forward, CEMAS aims to explore new markets and continue innovating in the laser technology sector, driven by the successful partnership with Politecnico di Torino.


This text is based on the article "Tutta una storia di persone e di tecnica" from Politecnico di Torino, originally published in Italian. You can find the original article here: Politecnico di Torino Article