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In order to satisfy even the most stringent and complex requirements, CEMAS laser system has been designed with a fully modular architecture.
Currently our machines are the only one on the market provided with a single modularity system ("one by one" sources architecture), so as to allow the highest level of customization. This means that, according to the customer production needs, it is possible to equip the machine with a certain number of sources and, later, integrate more of them, one by one, up to reach the required quantity.

Indeed, thanks to a careful feasibility study, we are able to precisely estimate the number of sources necessary to complete the welding process of a specific product.

Working in this way, we can always guarantee the best quality-price ratio, allowing our customers to purchase only the components they really need.

Accurate tool for perfect welding
We take care of our tooling

No detail is overlooked: our machines are designed to optimally manage all the welding process variables, in order to ensure high standards of efficiency and reliability, with a low energy consumption.

To realize machines capable to respond to any production expectations, the tool manufacturing is preceded by a careful virtual modelling and prototyping process. The beam tracing process, using CAD finite element analysis software, allows our engineers to simulate how the light acts in the waveguide. This process is fundamental to design efficient tools without wasting time.

Air cooled

  • MF 10


    This small laser welding machine is equipped with one laser source and one laser fiber. Its size is similar to a "shoe box", has been designed to be easily integrated in other machines of the same production line, where individual and small joints are necessary, even distant one from each other (e.g. for the bumper parking sensors).
    Laser output 1×50 W - 980 nm
    Chilling system Tec air cooling
    Safety system Double optical safety shutter
    Fiber coupling 1 Bundle
    10×5 W
    15×3,3 W
    Communication Serial communication Bus
    Power supply Integrated 230 V a.c.
  • MF 30


    Equipped with three laser sources, it is ideal for small welding machines where it is not possible, or it is not convenient, to have a liquid chiller system. Each laser bank, it provides up to 150 W on the component to be welded.
    Laser output 3×50 W - 980 nm
    Chilling system Tec air cooling
    Safety system Double optical safety shutter
    Fiber coupling 3 Bundles
    10×5 W
    15×3,3 W
    Communication Serial communication Bus
    Power supply 24 V d.c.
  • MF 120

    The smaller simultaneous multi-fiber laser welding machine of its range, suitable to realize both laboratory welding tests or mass production of small part, it is extremely compact. Thanks to its Tec air cooling chilling system, which allows a precise control of the temperature (in the order of 0.2° C), it is able to reach high levels of efficiency. The machine can be implemented with up to four laser banks (MF 30) and, for this reason, it is available with different power size: 150, 300, 450 and 600 W.
    The press movement is servo controlled so as to assure an absolute precision and dynamic. Despite the dimensions, it is able to exert a clamp maximum force up to 400 kg.
    Laser output 12×50 W - 980 nm
    Chilling system Tec air cooling
    Safety system Double optical safety shutter
    Fiber coupling Up to 12 Bundles
    10×5 W
    15×3,3 W
    Communication Serial communication Bus
    Power supply 3×400 V a.c.

Water cooled

  • MF 480 - MF 960

    The largest of their range, these machines are developed to weld medium-big size components and they are particularly suitable for rear lamps.

    The 480 and the 960 are structured on two levels of modularity:
    LEVEL 1: in the head of the machines it is possible to install up to 3 rack (for the 480) and up to 6 rack (for the 960);
    LEVEL 2: each rack can be equipped up to 16 laser sources, 8 per side; the modularity is of one source by one (up to 48 sources for the 480 and up to 96 ones for 960).
    Laser output Up to 48×50 W (2.400 W) Up to 96×50 W (4.800 W)
    Chilling system Liquid cooling Liquid cooling
    Safety system Double optical safety shutter Double optical safety shutter
    Fiber coupling Up to 48 bundle
    10×5 W
    15×3,3 W
    Up to 96 bundle
    10×5 W
    15×3,3 W
    Upper Tool 900×500 1400×900
    lower tool 900×500 1400×900
    Lifting table max speed [mm/s] 550 550
    Press opening min / max [mm] 250 / 1350 250 / 1350
    Max welding force (Gross) [KN] 18 (23) 25 (30)
    Driving system
    PLC Control PLC Siemens S7 series PLC Siemens S7 series
    Welding steps [pressure] 4 4
    Aut. tools identification system up to 15 (+8 manuals) up to 15 (+8 manuals)
    Communication Serial communication bus Serial communication bus
    Power supply 3×400 V a.c. 3×400 V a.c.

Why buy a CEMAS laser machine

clear and irrefutable strong points

  • Adaptable

    Simultaneous multi-fiber laser welding guarantees a superior welding depth than the other laser applications. Indeed, is able to optimally weld, both on the aesthetic side and on the strength one, also components  "not totally perfect", with some shape imperfections.
  • Extremely clean

    This is a non-contact welding technology. For this reason does not produce smokes, dusts, and particulate and it is totally wear-free. Indeed, in laser welding, the components to be welded are placed in "soft contact" and are not stressed during the production cycle (as it happens, for example, for the vibration welding).
  • Efficient

    The simultaneous multi-fiber system allows to heat instantly and concurrently the entire weld path, resulting in an extremely constant welding depth. In addiction, the zone to be melted is small and local, so there is no energy dispersion.
  • Fast

    Thanks to the simultaneous welding process, it is possible both to significantly reduce the machine cycle time and to ensure exceptional quality, cleanliness and flexibility (geometrical joint limitations are yet to be discovered!) of the welding process.
  • Modular and flexible

    This technology fits, like no other, to all production requirements, since it is possible to increase or decrease the number of laser sources according to the needs.
  • Highly reproducible process

    The precision clamping with no relative motion of parts during the welding cycle assures a highly repeatable welding process and consistent joint quality.
  • Aesthetic in first place

    This technology is dedicated in particular to the welding of rear lamps (in single or double cavity) and of all those components for which aesthetic side of the joining is simply essential. The flash is minimal.
  • Highly customizable
  • No compromise for quality
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ergonomic loading station
  • Reliability
  • Energy saving technology
  • Innovative and user friendly UI
Cutting edge technology and fully equipped machines as standard. Discover more
  • Highly customizable

    Many standard features included in our machines are optionals for competitors and, should this not be enough, just turn the page to discover a full range of over 60 optionals for your tailor-made machines.
  • No compromise for quality

    All components used by CEMAS are from world leading suppliers and never sub-brands.
    Safety is our ultimate goal, as well as a prompt availability of spares worldwide.
  • Easy maintenance

    The use of the latest-generation electronic components has resulted in a remarkably smaller control panel, and in positioning the hydraulic unit below the control panel for the 240 Hz machines. This change has totally cleared an inner compartment and has made tooling maintenance and set up operations easier.
  • Ergonomic loading station

    Special care was devoted to the manual loading steps of the process, both for small and large machines: to minimize effort on the backbone, the loading/unloading area was kept as close as possible to operator. There are no machines of the same class available on the market where this distance is so small.
  • Reliability

    Light curtains are fitted as a standard to ensure maximum operator safety, further to decreasing the total cycle time of each welding. Light curtains are integrated to protect them against collisions and as a result of an extremely accurate and well defined design.
  • Energy saving technology

    Big welding area and low power required: this is energetic efficiency!
  • Innovative operator interface system

    Accurate does not mean complicated: no other machine on the market is so "user friendly".
    We have made a big effort in designing our video graphic to simplify any operation. Actually, there would be no need for operator's training.
    • Switching to your language is as simple as pressing a key.
    • Parameters can be set to include up to 8 different welding steps.
    • Tool movement graphic programming: no need to call us for a new tool!
    • Monitoring of the "just in time" process by displaying welding diagrams.
    • Constantly linked to CEMAS through the Teleservice system for diagnostics and customer's service on line.

The Laser welding technology

The term "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, and describes a physical process: an amplified concentration of light energy at a specific wavelength, capable of focusing on a specific point or on a narrow beam spread over a long distance.

How does it work

Using the "diode laser system" (usually at 980 nm, but other wavelengths are possible) the welding process with laser irradiation allows to join a plastic absorbent component with a transparent one (so called as it is transparent to the infrared wavelength used).
The infrared radiation, driven by waveguides, passes through the transparent part and heats the absorbent component.
Reached the melting point, the absorbent component, according to the principle of conduction, heats the transparent one, allowing the real welding.
Finally, to ensure a perfect welding and sealing quality, the two components are pressed together by a mechanical press.


CEMAS knows how

Thanks to our know-how gained in over 30 years of experience in plastic industry, nowadays we are one of the most proficient company in laser welding field. Integrating our machines by using top class materials and components, manufactured by the world leading suppliers, we are able to develop and produce welding machines capable to satisfy every production requirements.

Each machine is entirely conceived and developed by our R&D department and it respects the most stringent qualitative and technical standards. Our laser tools are designed and manufactured entirely in CEMAS main Italian plant, where we also assembly our machines. This production structure allows our engineers and operators to have a complete control over the entire project development.