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120 Hz machine, highly sturdy for welding large components.
Ideal for a small-to-medium sized dashboards. It can also be used for welding washing machine drums.


The machine comes in two versions, Standard and High Level. Due to a thorough ergonomic study, CEMAS's machines are among the best currently available on the market. Since the very beginning, we have succeeded in offering to our customers machines having a load position as close as feasible to the work area.
Our 950 is no exception to the rule.
Upper tooling weight (up to Kg) 150 180
Welding capacity (cm² PP) 650 750
Clamp force (kn) 38 (43) 38 (43)
Lift table speed (mm/sec) 250 250
Working celerance (mm) 300-700 / 1100-1500 300-700 / 1100-1500
Vibrating head (mm) 1100 × 580 1100 × 580
Lift table (mm) 1600 × 700 1600 × 700

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